Pfanenstiel is LPN of year at HaysMed

HaysMed Press Release
Brooke Pfanenstiel

Brooke Pfanenstiel, an LPN at HaysMed, was recently recognized by the The University of Kansas Health System hospital with the Lanita Smith LPN of the year award.

Pfanenstiel was noted for her focus on quality patient care, compassion, service to others and willingness to do what is necessary to provide great customer service to those she works with and around, said Hays .

The LPN of the Year award is named after Smith, a former nurse that took pride in her role as an LPN at HaysMed. Smith had the ability to positively impact a patient’s life as a nurse in many different roles at HaysMed.

The award honors an LPN who displays many of the same characteristics that Smith had including kindness, compassion, concern and friendliness all the while being a great member of the patient care team.