“Wanted” A Cowgirl and Her Horse

Ellis Co. Rodeo Press Release
Leigh-Anne Poe, left, 2019 Miss Ellis County Rodeo Queen, and Chloe Purinton, 2019 Miss Ellis County Rodeo Princess.

It is not too late for cowgirls to throw their hats into the rodeo arena for this year's Miss Ellis County Rodeo Pageant.

The quickly approaching application deadline is June 26, 2020.

The Ellis County Rodeo Queen Committee is excited to bring back the Little Miss age division. Girls ages 7 to 10 can now compete for “The Little Miss Ellis County Rodeo.”

Contestants will be judged on their knowledge of rodeo, horsemanship, modeling, and public speaking skills. The 2020 Little Miss winner will receive a crown and sash. She will represent Ellis County at several community events throughout her reign.

“Rodeo pageants are a great opportunity for young girls. They learn vital skills that they can use throughout their life,” said Lisa Kisner, chair of the Ellis County Rodeo Pageant Committee. “This year we are excited to have amazing prizes for each category and to bring back the Little Miss age division.”

The Ellis County Rodeo Pageant has two additional divisions.

The queen contestants range from 15 to 21 years old and the princess contestants range from 11 to 14 years old.

Both are judged on their knowledge of rodeo in a written test, horsemanship, public speaking, modeling, personal interviewing, awareness of current events, photogenic qualities and overall professionalism.

Integrity, personality, poise and knowledge are also important components of these contests.

Miss Ellis County Rodeo Queen will win a crown, sash, custom belt buckle, custom saddle, and a pair of traveling chaps.

Miss Ellis County Rodeo Princess will receive a crown, custom belt buckle, horse tack, and a sash.

There are additional prizes given for the winner in each category.

The Ellis County Rodeo Pageant Committee is taking applications from youth across the state of Kansas that would love to promote the western way of life. They must have a love for horses, knowledge of rodeo and be exceptional representatives for Ellis County.

The pageant will be held Friday, July 10, starting at the Ellis County Fair Grounds arena and ending at BriefSpace in Hays, KS.

The final coronation ceremony will be held before the KPRA Rodeo at the Ellis County Fair Grounds, July 14, where the winners will be crowned for the year 2020.

For more information, follow the Ellis County Rodeo Pageant Facebook page or contact Lisa Kisner at lisa@lisascustominteriors.com or 785-656-1523 for an entry packet.