Roths: Open letter to Ellis County

Staff Writer
Hays Daily News

Perspective is the most important thing that people can bring to a situation. It’s why we seek diversity in groups and encourage others to tell us their opinions when trying to problem solve.

Different perspectives are critical to balance in organizations and why I would encourage anyone to always surround yourself with people from different backgrounds.

A different perspective is what I have brought to the Ellis County Commission. A perspective of a small business owner, first-time home buyer, new husband and father, and most importantly to the residents of Ellis County, a businessman.

My businessman's perspective has yielded us some great results, including fiscal budget tightening, balanced budgets, over 7 million dollars in grant funding, the Northwest Business Corridor Project, and little to zero loss in services offered by the county.

We still offer the absolute top level of EMS service available in the entire country, we are investing in over $15 million worth of road infrastructure projects over the next 5 years, and we've been able to maintain staffing and tighten budgets throughout county government.

The future is important for me. I'm investing in businesses and concentrating on what Ellis County will look like for my family’s future. I hope to continue to do that as a commissioner and leader.

I ask for your vote in the Aug. 4 primary. The best perspective for the future is a businessman who is ready to build a better future for Ellis County.