Letter to Editor: Virus not about politics

Staff Writer
Hays Daily News

Abraham Lincoln once said, "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

With Abe's words in mind consider this: COVID-19 ain't Republican or conservative. COVID-19 ain't Democrat or liberal. Anyone who professes to serve the American people had better prove it. Too many of them serve us, all right, by dishing out a plate of junk food they say is healthy

No, anything but healthy! Both parties need to cook up a balanced diet or expect many of us to continue dying in pits they (i.e., partisan extremists) have dug beneath the money orchards where only a few reap the fruits thereof. How long do these callous misfits really think that people can turn one cheek then the other and keep this sickening democracy from finally dying an agonizing death?

Why do these corporate-sponsored politicos persist in mocking the teachings of Jesus, Buddha and many wise men and women from the past? Can they finally step up with heart, mind and soul aligned and enable the underprivileged to rise above their low station in life and earn dignified wages for honest labor rendered? And minus the savage inequalities brought on in myriads of ways?

Repeat: COVID-19 is not party-affiliated or partisan-motivated. Period! No mind-numbing party ideology should supplant concerns about the humanity of all Americans. Never! Otherwise, expect further chaos in America, as well as the world. Principled people of ethical, moral and empathic persuasion will continue to refute this loony tune wild bunch who value the loud voice of money over the feeble voice of desperate people, especially nonwhite and the poorest of poor white--except, of course, to secure their support for an election.

Ponder a short tale from the wise fool tradition, Mulla Nasrudin, an international folk hero. Read "Wanted: A Foolish Man" carefully and pause to reflect on our present pandemic and the cruel and ludicrous politics while in its grip: "Nasrudin was sent by the King to find the most foolish man in the land and bring him to the palace as Court Jester. The Mulla travelled to each town and village, in turn, but could not find a man stupid enough for the job. Finally he returned home.

"'Have you located the greatest idiot in our kingdom?' asked the Monarch.

"'Yes,' replied Nasrudin, 'but he is too busy looking for fools to take the job.'" (from "The World Of Nasrudin," edited by Idries Shah)

So can we finally perceive that there is a truly unconscionable head of state who is flamboyantly clueless about how to lead through inspiration in a real democracy?

Calls to mind the words of Israeli statesman, Abba Eban (1918-2002), who once exclaimed, "His ignorance is encyclopedic."

Is it possible such encyclopedic ignorance of our president could lead to the very destruction that Abe warned about in a bygone era?

Heeding his warning is not enough. Acting upon it is a start.

Richard Joel Holmes