A vote for truth

Staff Writer
Hays Daily News

Take heart friends. Soon the flurry of political ads and promises will ease. No more fliers intending to discredit an opponent via half-truths and uncomplimentary portraits or put-downs. Most of these attempt to confuse, misinform or distract the observer.

What is the solution? How do we get to the basics and find the truth? Here is a truth: we have the privilege of voting, not just for individuals, but more importantly, for a cause. Perhaps you are not particularly enthusiastic about the choices between those running for office. Look beyond the individuals. Look at their priorities. Is their priority life – specifically the sanctity, the sacredness, of life? For what more important cause can we cast our votes? There is no reason to be disenchanted about voting when we realize we can vote for the truth, to creating a “culture of life”.

Listen to the candidates who are committed to defending the first inalienable right – life. Consider this year as a vote for life.

Bill Heimann