Trump 2020

Letter to the editor: Esther Courtney

As election day is drawing near, emotions are running high. Each party stands for their own beliefs.The Democrats have an agenda of socialism. What exactly does socialism entaiI? It entails everyone getting the same… Distributing wealth equally among the people; government control of society; and public ownership of most land. Therefore we have fewer entrepreneurs; less competition; and less motivation. I thought America was for everyone to earn what they worked for. We are not all the same. That’s what makes America great!

This November, I will vote for President Trump. He’s trying to uphold the Constitution as it is/was written. Democrats have offered nothing but their dissent. No other president has been battered in this manner. What if the Republicans and Democrats respected each other and worked together? Maybe the rioting, looting, hatred, anger, harsh words and bitterness would disappear. Maybe, just maybe, LOVE could shine through for our fellow man. If Biden/Harris get in power with this election, our freedom is challenged. The rules of our country will be rewritten, and our country will become as we have never seen it. If you love our country with all its freedoms, vote for President Trump!

Esther Courtney