Vern Ruder: Part 1 letter to the editor

Vern Ruder
Hays: Letter to the Editor

Thank you.

I am so humbled to accept the nomination to represent the Republican Party and as the nominee and hope to earn the support from all citizens for Ellis County Treasurer for the General Election, November 3rd. Being one of the newest faces to the Ellis County Organization since being hired back in 2017. I thrive on being able to bring a fresh eye and the perspective of 30+ years of Private Sector knowledge to move Ellis County forward.

About me:

I grew up in Hays and have raised my family here. I am a graduate of Thomas More Prep and NCK-Tech with a degree in Marketing Management. For a time, I worked as a financial advisor, a job which I enjoyed doing very much. Since I was traveling a lot, I gave up the job as a financial advisor and worked as a salesman for Pepsi for 25 years before taking another job at E.A. Sween Co. as a District Manager. I managed several employees in a 3 state territory. However, as I was traveling all over the country and the company was wanting to expand my territory, an opportunity arose at Ellis County in September of 2017 for which I applied and was hired for. This short time with Ellis County has really opened this lifelong Conservative’s eyes to local politics and the good I could do to help the County that has been my family’s roots for generations.

I currently work for Ellis County as the Landfill Foreman as a supervisor of a division of Public Works and have been for three years now. In my short time at my current job, my team and I have taken a forward-thinking approach to our Landfill. We’ve implemented measures to make sure the Landfill is fully funded, planned for the future, put money in reserves to cover capital expenses, State Statute closure estimates, and future growth as my division is not covered by taxpayer dollars from the General Fund. The Landfill is fee based as an Enterprise Fund. I pride myself on order, planning, and management. We have greatly reduced the need for overtime, purchased land for the next 150 years of expansion, put plans and actions in place to speed up/increase accuracy and put safety measures in place for everyone who uses the Landfill. We have replaced the polycarbonate container that caught fire during the night from spontaneous combustion(which is defined as: the ignition of organic matter without apparent cause, typically through heat generated internally by rapid oxidation.) that burned the small shop south of the office that held the household hazardous waste that citizens bring out daily with a fireproof/explosion proof concrete vault.…/landfill-building-total-loss-after…. I have presented my budget line for line to the Ellis County Commission every year since I started (2017) just like every department does and will continue to do.

Feel free to contact me at and Remember to Vote Nov. 3rd!

Vern Ruder