Ellis County vote count finalized

Alice Mannette

It’s final. On Monday, the Ellis County Commissioners finalized the vote count for the 2020 election. With a total vote of 13,919, there was a split in the amount of voters who did mail in/early voting and Election Day voting.

Slightly more than 6,800 voters voted on Election Day in Ellis County, while slightly more than 6,600 voted either early or with mail-in ballots. With just under 19,000 voters registered, the voter turnout was 73.72%.

“That’s fantastic,” said Donna Maskus, the county clerk. “That’s the highest I’ve ever seen.”

President Trump, Sen.-elect Roger Marshall and Rep.-elect Tracey Mann won in all categories. Kan. State Sen. Rick Billinger as well as Representatives Ken Rahjes and Barb Wasinger also won with both in-person and early voting/mail-in ballots.

The vote was unanimously certified by the county commissioners and canvasing board, Dean Haselhorst, Dustin Roths and Butch Schlyer, during their meeting on Nov. 16 at the Ellis County Administrative Center.