Hays physical therapist adds group fitness, yoga to repertoire; offers virtual and in-person classes

Brianna Childers
Suspension trainers hang from the walls inside of Fit PT and Wellness, a physical therapy, group fitness and yoga studio owned and operated by Aimee Riegel.

After Hays physical therapist and fitness instructor Aimee Riegel started her mobile concierge, cash-based physical therapy practice in fall 2019, she decided she wanted to expand her business to include more.

As a physical therapist, Riegel focuses on all-around wellness and recovery and hopes to offer those services through her new fitness studio.

FIT PT and Wellness, located at 2013 Vine St., offers physical therapy, group fitness and yoga classes. According to Riegel, she has been offering virtual fitness classes since March and continues to do so today.

In-person classes take place whenever it is safe to do so, Riegel said.

Riegel and her employees teach a variety of classes including strength and stability, high intensity interval training, barre, step, mobility and choreo strength.

The yoga offerings include yoga sculpt, vinyasa flow yoga, ashtanga yoga and a new class called Yoga Restore and Massage.

“We are just trying to offer a lot of different things,” Riegel said. “I want to add some more specialty classes, and I'm looking at doing some group fitness for individuals with chronic disease — people with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, arthritis and any general stability issue. With my PT background, I’m just trying to get that more holistic approach into personal training and help people get a little more guidance with the medical perspective.”

Transitioning to virtual classes has been an easy process, Riegel said, and those interested in attending can visit fitptandwellness.com to sign up to attend in-person or virtually.

“We have just been very adaptable and everyone is understanding of this crazy time, but we want to keep people active because that’s really important for immunity as well,” Riegel said.

During virtual classes, Riegel said, she limits the amount of equipment being used as she understands most people don’t have a wide variety of workout materials at home.

“Most people have some weights at home,” Riegel said. “Some of our classes don’t require a lot (and) you can do yoga with pretty much nothing. We’ve been really fortunate to have those virtual classes.”

The classes are also available for live-streaming as well as on-demand.

“If someone signs up for class and they can’t make it at the time we have it live, I will send them the recording to be able to do on their own time,” Riegel said.

While Fit PT and Wellness isn’t the only fitness studio in Hays, the medical basis makes it unique, Riegel said.

“We are always trying to make sure that our clients succeed with their workout versus making them maybe feel like they can’t do it because it’s too hard,” Riegel said. “I want them to succeed.”

Riegel said she hopes her fitness studio serves as a welcoming space for clients.

“I just want to offer somewhere for people in Hays to get a full approach to health and wellness, whether it be just getting strong, combating some injury they maybe had or even just losing a little weight,“ Riegel said. ”I just want to help people stay and get active and be able to stay active through their lifetime.“

Fit PT and Wellness offers a wide variety of classes including step, barre, mobility and yoga.