Hays postal carriers carry on despite rain, sleet or ... current bitter cold

Margaret Allen
Hays Daily News
Suzanne Goatcher, a carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, loads her mail van at 706 Fort St. early Monday where the 5-degree temperature in Hays felt like minus 9 degrees, according to The Weather Channel.

Suzanne Goatcher was one of 19 carriers with the U.S. Postal Service going out on a route in the Hays area in the bitter cold served up by Mother Nature on Monday morning.

The temperature shortly before 9 a.m. was 5 degrees and felt like minus 9 degrees, according to The Weather Channel app.

Goatcher, luckily, said she would be driving most of her route, not walking.

"Not today, not very much today, I lucked out," she said, loading mail into her van.

Other carriers also were warming up their trucks and loading mail in the post office parking lot at 406 Fort St., with the high on Monday predicted to reach no more than 12 degrees at 5 p.m.

"We have 15 routes, three reliefs, and two part-timers that carry the streets," Goatcher said of the carriers working Monday.

She said the trick to surviving the bitter cold forecast for the rest of the week is layers. 

"Lots of gloves, three pairs of pants, socks," Goatcher said. And also carrying extra gear, she noted, including coveralls and boots.

Goatcher, a carrier for six years now, wasn't complaining, even though Tuesday's and Wednesday's highs will only reach 16 degrees, then will drop again Thursday to a high of 10 degrees and Friday to only 7 degrees.

Still, she said, "I've seen worse than this."

Saturday's temperature will dip to arctic cold, with a high of only 1 degree. Friday and Saturday also offer a 40% chance of snow, with Sunday climbing to a high of only 7 degrees, according to The Weather Channel.

It won't be until Wednesday, Feb. 17, that the high will reach a civilized temperature of 28 degrees.