Letter to the editor: With liberty and justice for all — not

Staff Writer
Hays Daily News

For many years we have worked hard not to see that black people always have been the targets of police brutality. As the commentators and headlines scream, “Racism is endemic in the American criminal justice system.” They might just as well say, “Racism and its denial are integral parts of the American Way of Life.” Tragically, we only give lip service to the concept of liberty and justice for all.

The pattern is familiar: police stop a black gent on the street or in his car. The black gent dies a minute or two later, most often by shooting. The cop claims to have thought the black gent was armed and dangerous and committing some sort of crime. After a short leave during a desultory investigation, the cop returns to work. The black gent stays dead.

May the murder of George Floyd raise our consciousness of this intolerable injustice. If all are not equal, no one is safe. Unfortunately the Trump administration and many others who should know better are trying to play both ends against the middle—pretending to be guardians of the rule of law while promoting resentment and civil disobedience--the flouting of measures meant to protect all of us. Such hypocrisy for the sake of winning an election nauseates me. When I don’t think of our leader as the Antichrist, I think of him as an oranged sepulcher. It will be nice not to think of him at all.

Ruth Firestone, Hays