Elizabeth Schmeidler: The war between fear and faith

Staff Writer
Hays Daily News

Today during prayer, a thought came to me: Long before we had sonogram capabilities, babies were being killed through abortion.

The sonogram showing the babies alive within their mother's womb didn't change the fact that they had always been alive in their mother's womb — from the beginning of time, and since 1973 when it became legal to kill them, they've always been alive before they were aborted. We did not need the sonogram to show us this — the evidence has always been clear — mothers give birth to live children, who were alive from the moment of conception. Still, how far we have fallen as a society! Even after we can see the baby cry out when the abortionist’s tool pierces him in the womb, even when we hear and see Planned Parenthood bartering human baby parts for money, and even when we learn the truth from abortionists who admit that unborn babies are born alive at five and six months gestation for the purpose of harvesting still-beating hearts and active brains for vaccines and research— all without benefit of anesthesia, this heinous and barbaric act is still be going on! Why? How can this be? The mere thought is unbearable — imagine the reality for these babies!

When we stand before God, it is very probable that we will tremble most for our unbelief, because it is our unbelief that contributes to sin. Still, fear will not be a sufficient excuse. Fear is not of God; it is from the evil one. God has told us repeatedly that we should not fear. Those of us who claim to be a people of God are sinning when we let fear become greater than our faith. It's as simple as that. Fear is contrary to faith, and always will be, because the overwhelming evidence of God's love and goodness is all around us. The miracles He has wrought throughout all of history should be sufficient, yet still, it is easier for many to ignore those miracles, ignore His Word, and believe the world, doctors, MSM, CDC, politicians, Planned Parenthood, Big Pharma, whatever entity is susceptible to deception, than it is to believe in the goodness of God. Why do so many ignore His promises to His righteous ones, His still small Voice, or His loud, thundering command: “Do not fear!”

Read Job 38 where God basically asks Job: "Were you there when I laid the foundation of the earth...the seas...etc." The apostles woke Jesus when the storm arose...and His answer does not seem to me to be an understanding, gentle one, but somewhat of a rebuke: “Why are you frightened? Do you still have no faith?” (Mark 4:40)

Is it possible that God is asking you…kind of like He questioned Job: Are you God…or am I?

The latest CDC recovery rate for COVID-19 is over 98 percent. Let that number sink into your bones. One article referring to this rate, states: “Most people are more likely to wind up six feet under because of almost anything else under the sun other than COVID-19.” So, if you are still deathly afraid of getting this virus, you must ask yourself why. Better still, ask the Lord. Ask Him to show you what is so deeply hidden within you that you just cannot see the forest for the trees. The death rate is down everywhere. Treatments in place are working. Most importantly, the evidence of God’s blessings, love, mercy, and grace are all around us, in plain sight, if only we have eyes to see and ears to hear. Like doubting St. Thomas, there are times when we all must ask the Lord for the grace to be believe and be brave, and the Lord's answer will still be the same: “Do not persist in your unbelief, but believe!" John 20:27

Just because you cannot see the baby alive in a mother's womb, does not mean that the baby is not there, sucking his thumb, listening to her voice. Don't wait until the evidence slaps you in the face to realize that you have been sucked into the lies of the evil one for so long that you have sinned in your disbelief. Don't wait until you are standing, trembling before God on Judgment Day to believe. Look around you.

In complete surrender, ask God to show you the Truth. He will.

Elizabeth Schmeidler is a Christian author from Hays