Letter to Editor: Schlegel announces write-in campaign

Staff Writer
Hays Daily News

Dear Citizens:

I want to continue to be your Treasurer through 2025, so I am a write-in candidate in the general election.

To vote for me requires you to fill in the bubble and then write my name.

Why take the effort to write in Lisa Schlegel? When there is confusion, look at the facts: my record-breaking revenue, a slashed budget to where I still spend less to run the Treasury than it cost in 2016, a fully cross-trained staff. Within my first year, the money I made the county paid for my salary for all 4 years of my term. The Treasury operates like a strong private sector organization, thanks to implementation of leadership practices I learned from my Bachelor’s degree in leadership from FHSU.

I was first in Ellis County to revise office hours, along with making stronger county contractual agreements and investments. I put in the time, negotiation, and research to strengthen our Treasury in all facets. My resume includes record percentage-collection on taxes, hosting the first ever annual tax sales, and millions of dollars from banking proposals and investments that make your money safer, too. I hold a Level 2 Certified KS County Finance Officer credential. I am from Ellis County and I work FOR Ellis County. All three audits conducted on the Treasury yielded a perfect record for my performance.

As a new person with new ideas, I am a threat to the status quo stubborn life-long political groups in the county want to keep in place. The power has shifted from the politicians back to you this November. It is critical to the health of the county you pick honest local leaders.

Who will be the better Treasurer? That is the question to ask. Remove the dramatics and lies politicians have told you to confuse you. Their goal is to secure their political sandbox from outsiders with new perspectives. They are desperately grasping to hold onto political power by choosing the group of people in power.

Who do you choose? Julie, the Democratic candidate for Treasurer, no longer lives in Hays. She has refused to participate in the interviews and has not told citizens anything. Vern, the Republican candidate has worked at the Landfill for several years. Both are dangerously unqualified to be the Treasurer. Why has Vern been deliberately unclear about his job title in interviews? Foreman of Landfill, Supervisor of a division of Public Works, and “a long-time county employee” are three ways he has introduced himself publicly. Is length of employment a credential? It simply indicates his status as a non-threatening member of the good old boys club. Why should citizens have to pay to train the landfill man to do what I already do? Vern did not specify if he graduated from NCK tech, but said he was in management, and another time, it was marketing. Which is it? What is his job title? What is his educational background?

Competing candidates Vern and Julie do not come close to offering you what I can. Citizens need transparency.

Vern Ruder will work for the politicians; Treasurer Lisa Schlegel works for YOU. I want to continue to make my living working for you. I love my staff; I love meeting and talking with the public. You will make a wise investment if you mark the bubble, then write-in “Lisa Schlegel” on your ballot. Advance-Vote at 718 Main Street before November 3, or vote at your polling place on election day.

Lisa Schlegel, Hays