Letter to the editor: Voting all red

Staff Writer
Hays Daily News

The upcoming election is not about what man we are voting for — it is a battle between darkness and light, good and evil.

I was once a never-Trumper. Even though he’d said some things I agreed with, Trump was the last person I thought would make a good candidate to run against Hillary Clinton. I wanted a candidate known for Christianity and high moral standards. Well, it didn’t take long before everyone else was knocked out and Trump was still standing — the lone opposition to Clinton, who I knew was a more despicable choice than what I believed Trump would be, so I knew I would cast my vote for him. I fell to my knees, cried out to God in surrender, and began praying daily for Trump.

Not a career politician, Trump seemed reachable — a man showing up to fill a need. God reminded me He often chooses the least obvious person to serve Him, including King David and the apostles. Growing up, I was least-likely of nine children to speak boldly, yet I hope to do God’s will by boldly admitting: I was dead wrong about Trump.

Trump has exceeded my expectations. Though, like everyone, he is imperfect, he has done more to protect the unborn than any president in my lifetime. When the lives of the unborn matter, all lives will matter more. Despite every deceitful attempt to discredit him by the mainstream media (all owned by wealthy liberals) and career Democrat politicians bent on keep their secret dealings hidden, Trump has protected our freedoms, our borders, created jobs, economic growth, kept the peace — not a single war during his term.

In order to expose the deep state, an outsider was needed — Trump is that man — and that’s why they hate him. But the deep state is still after him. Hillary Clinton was behind the Russian collusion hoax and Obama knew it. All swept under the rug. In comes the pandemic — so much evil, all connected. Notice how the border crisis and riots suddenly disappeared? Political.

Contrary to the smear campaigns from the opposition, Trump loves all races — those he has helped throughout his lifetime attest to this. The media will not report this. For those who find his Tweets offensive, ponder how offended God is by Biden/Harris’ heretical support for abortion.

I see red when I think of the promotion of full-term abortion. I see red regarding propaganda media, Google, Facebook, and Twitter’s censorship. I see red hearing rioters called “peaceful protestors,” though they burned, looted, and destroyed statues and property. I see red thinking of government taking my freedom to leave my home, silencing my voice, and taking away my right to defend myself. I see red at political propaganda regarding the dangers/treatment of Covid-19 and potential forced immunization. I see red in wasted tax dollars spent on a bogus impeachment and held up relief package due to Democratic “pork” that funds their liberal agenda.

It is for these reasons, I am voting all Red.

Elizabeth Schmeidler, Hays