Letter to the editor: Run for treasurer (Part 2)

Staff Writer
Hays Daily News

I completely agree with what Treasurer Schlegel said back in her Questions and Answers interview with the Hays Daily News back in October of 2016 where “Part of what’s so great about our country is that school teachers, homemakers, anyone with life experience who wants to, can run for office. And the country knows these people need training. They anticipate we’re going to have sheriffs, we’re going to have doctors, we’re going to have homemakers, and we need to be able to educate all of them on how to be a good treasurer. And that statutory continuing education provides that. I think my opponent depends on most people not knowing that and thinking that no one else can do this but me. The fact of the matter is someone else can. She is totally right. The training and continuing education that was able to lift her from no experience to experienced was done with our wonderful educational opportunities granted to her by the State and Federal levels. Local government is a great way for citizens to get in and get to work quick with no experience, but a drive to work hard and work for the citizens.

Another excellent point that she made back in April of 2017 in one of her letters to the editor titled “Why not go with the people’s choice?” at the Hays Daily News was the transition period before the duly elected Treasurer takes office. “Of the eight treasurers I have spoken to, all of them expressed, in their opinion, the most effective transition would result if I, the treasurer-elect, took office early, a common, statewide practice in situations like this. They all labeled this “a non-partisan issue,” since the election already has occurred. I am glad, whomever the people choose in November, that you would be willing to extend the same courtesy you sought coming in. I am running for office to help ensure the Treasury Department makes sound investments with taxpayer money, help decrease spending, and bring back the trust and professionalism to a public office. I am also looking to wrangle in some spending that I believe is unnecessary for the taxpayer to cover. For example, the actual total spent in 2019 for the line items in the budget for Rental-Cars, Planes, Bus and Subsistence (Hotels, Food, etc.) was $10,592.00. I believe in training and networking with others, but not at a cost that extensive when Ellis County owns a car available to all employees to use for necessary travel and other items that can be toned down quite a bit, it is a bit excessive.

Thank you all and God Bless you.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send me a message on my facebook page or email voteruderfortreasurer@gmail.com Remember to Vote Nov. 3rd!

Vern Ruder, Republican Candidate for Ellis County Treasurer