Bobbi Dreiling: Clearing things up

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Hays Daily News
Hays Daily News

I am Bobbi Dreiling and I am on the General Election ballot to be your next Ellis County Clerk.

This letter is in response to an article that was published in the Hays Daily News on October 25, 2020 in reference to the ballot misprint, which has been resolved. In that article were comments that were made by my write-in opponent Laura Allen. I contacted the reporter who wrote the article and told him of my concerns as I felt I should have been interviewed as well since I was mentioned in the article by Allen. I advised him there was wrong information stated by Allen, among other concerns. He agreed that my voice should be heard as well. I also knew the deadline to have any Letters to the Editor in reference to the local election had passed, but I have been given permission by the editor of the Topeka Capital-Journal to write this letter to clear up wrong information.

Allen claimed the Clerk's race hasn't been contested since 2008. Actually, the last time this race was contested was in 2012. On the ballot was the current County Clerk Maskus and Robert “Butch” Schlyer.

Allen stated “It feels like our offices are handed down, even though they're not necessarily supposed to be. It is just the next person in line.” Allen is obviously discrediting the Ellis County voters. Being on the ballot allows for the candidate to win the position, not have it handed down as Allen stated. I am not expecting this position to be handed down to me. I am on the ballot to be elected by the voters of Ellis County. To be on the ballot one has to pay the filing fee (like I did); collect enough qualified signatures on a petition; or run as a write-in. I elected to pay the filing fee and Allen chose to run as a write-in.

Allen stated she is distrustful of the election counting boards. That they should be bipartisan. When in fact they are bipartisan. The Clerk strives to get different parties to be on the boards. I would suggest to Allen that she should trust the people that were observers during the counting process that were present on her behalf; one of them being her son.

Allen referred to the primary election wherein I should have recused myself from being involved due to the fact I was on the ballot. Clerk Maskus contacted the Secretary of State's office who advised her that as long as I made myself transparent, I could and should do my job. I was not involved with any of the counting of the votes on election night, nor the preceding days in tabulating the final results of the election.

I want to let the voters of Ellis County know that I respect their vote. I would never assume this position is just being handed down to me as being next in line. If elected to be your next County Clerk I will try to the best of my ability to be the County Clerk you expect me to be and what Ellis County deserves. I appreciate everyone who has already voted for me, and I would further appreciate your vote on November 3, 2020.