Do the ends justify the means?

Lester Knoll, Letter to the editor

Has there ever been a time in American history that comes anywhere near what we are faced with at this point in time regarding politics? 

When I say at this point in time I am referring to the present of course, but also going back four years when Trump became our president.  It's an unprecedented four years no other American president has ever faced.

The Democrat Party and 95% of America's media have clearly shown they will do "anything" to destroy our current president.  "Anything" is the operative word in this letter to the editor. 

Past Democrat president Barack Hussein Obama led the charge as an outgoing president to unseat Donald J. Trump coming into the White House in 2016.  Never before in our history has that happened.  

I repeat, the Democrat political party will do "anything."  The ends justify the means.

Obama led a treasonous coup (with the help of Hillary, Biden, and our FBI) claiming Trump colluded with Russia to win the election in 2016.  There was never any evidence but a Mueller investigation was created costing taxpayers 30 some million over three years to oust a constitutionally elected president.

When that coup didn't go anywhere the Democrat controlled House of Representatives tried an impeachment and that too ended up as a waste of time and money.  The lies about our president ramped up even more.     

As Trump had many rallies where thousands showed their love for him, and as he made America great again, media indoctrinated and brainwashed millions that Trump needed to be hated.  Corrupt media decided to do anything with lies and distortions to get their base to hate another human being.

While the hate was going on, very little was said about where Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris wanted to take this country. Little was said about agendas and platforms by Democrats, not even many in their own party could support.  

Five friends of mine, all with advanced degrees, some even PhD's, voted on the basis of one single factor and that was their total dislike for Trump's personality.  Strange, very strange, that some 73 million Trump voters just love the guy for making America great again, and love him for his personality as well?

Votes, by the millions, were cast solely on a man's personality never on Trump's agendas nor even Biden's.  I am stunned!  I asked those friends what they liked about Biden's agendas as I listed them. They didn't support any of them!

Yup, Dems will do "anything" and that includes stealing an election.  The proof of massive voter fraud is coming soon. Mark my words it will shake this country to its core before inauguration day of January 20. 

To further support my case in this letter, there's undeniable proof of a political party, most media, and a president elect in bed with our worst enemy and that is Communist China.

Lester Knoll