American flag flown upside down

Letter to the editor from Don Burlison, Palco

I am seeing our American Flag being flown upside down due to the current political climate. The act of doing this is basically a desecration to the flag. It is an intentional insult to the country for which it represents. The only time the flag is to be flown upside down is when in dire distress in instance of extreme danger to life and property.

I understand that people are upset but it deeply saddens me to see this used as a sign of protest. I am a proud American. I am a Vietnam veteran. The flag represents our history of being a free country, which so many have given their lives to achieve. There are many other avenues to take to protest that it concerns me some people have chosen this one.

Hang a Democrat or Republican flag upside if this is your intent. How can an American stand there and pledge allegiance to an upside down flag?? I question whether those flying the flag upside down actually consider themselves Americans and are doing this to cause more unrest and division? I take pride in flying and treating the American Flag with the respect it deserves. Thank you.

Don Burlison