Road to hell paved with good intentions

Letter to the editor: Dan Steeples, Palco

As George Bernard Shaw wrote, “A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on Paul’s support.” In the 1960s Lyndon Johnson unleashed his Great Society programs. The welfare-related portions were well-intentioned but their long-term effects have achieved exactly the opposite of what was envisioned. Throughout the country, the welfare state has created an intergenerational subpopulation entirely dependent on government for its existence. Welfare was not intended to be a way of life.

Here are 13 cities and their percentage population declines since the 1960s: Cleveland (67%), St. Louis (65%), Detroit (61%), Buffalo (52%), Pittsburgh (50%), Dayton (47%), Cincinnati (39%), New Orleans (38%), Birmingham (38%), Baltimore (37%), Toledo (29%), Chicago (24%), and Philadelphia (21%). These cities all share a common factor - they have been continually governed under liberal democratic policies for more than 50 years.

So, what in the liberal mind constitutes successful outcomes to government policies? The liberal mind must conclude those government policies which lead to significant population declines, high crime rates, high tax rates, and turning once vibrant, livable cities into dumps must be considered as the esteemed result. This has happened over and over again. We know liberals were emphatically against those national policies in place from 1/2017 through 12/2019, which led to 60%-plus returns in the stock market, a roaring economy, and historically low unemployment rates, especially in the black population. Those results, in the liberal mind, were viewed as unacceptable.” 

Liberal Democratic policies are embraced over and over again and are clearly well-intentioned – they make one, “feel good.” However, when implemented, and based on a rational and objective study of observed data, they consistently fail and fail miserably. But, as Thomas Sowell so eloquently stated, “Facts are not liberals’ strong suit – rhetoric is.”  However, credit must be given as liberals will repeatedly place their tongues on that same frozen flagpole convinced the next time it will taste like the perfect grape popsicle.

President Trump described Baltimore as a, “Rat infested mess,” and was rebuked by the Left. Travel around Baltimore City and you’ll see referring to the city in that manner was actually a compliment – it’s much worse. Baltimore consists of mile after mile of boarded up housing, trash everywhere, and standing outside on a typical summer evening you are almost certain to hear a gunshot.

In 1960, the population of Baltimore City was 940,000; today, 595,000. The last Republican mayor of Baltimore left office in 1967. It would be desirable for someone to provide a convincing argument that what has taken place in Baltimore City, and the other cities mentioned, represents desirable government policy. The argument must be based on supporting data, not emotional rhetoric.

Will the cities mentioned above ever recover? As long as the Democratic governments are re-elected the answer is – NO. What is happening in these cities will continue to persist for the life of the Union – which is virtually certain to terminate by 2060, if not before. 

Dan Steeples