Letter to editor: Political suicide

Jim Horacek, Hays

One thing the Texas weather crisis proved about our national energy structure was that you cannot rely on intermittent “green” energy to meet increased demand. You cannot order more sun or more wind.

The crisis also showed that at the current state of the science there can be no 100% carbon free energy plan and the 100% carbon free economic goal is an economy wrecking idea, at best.

Where is all the electricity going to come from for a few hundred million electric cars and trucks and exactly what is going to replace all the things we make from oil and gas?

Our political “betters” should stop trying to set a date certain for a carbon free economy when it is not possible to reach, based on the current state of the science, and without starving millions of people and lowering the lifestyle of hundreds of millions more.

I wonder when these politicians who seem to think in terms of slogans instead of reality are going to realize that all this is going to be political suicide.

Jim Horacek