Letter to editor: America is in free fall

Letter to the editor: Lester Knoll, Victoria

America's government is totally out of control period.  When it gets turned around, if ever, is anybody's guess.

I have heard or read on the news a hundred times by Republicans "wait until the 2022 election" at which time we will take back congress and then in 2024 we will take back the White House."  That's a big if. 

Before making my case in this letter to the editor, let me say I do not want to be an alarmist or conspiracy theorist.  Ask anybody who knows me personally they will tell you I'm an optimistic kind of guy, but what I see going on, optimism is not at the top of my list.

I contend this country is on its way to becoming a one party government.  In the past several months I've had four published letters.  The first one was all about the evils of voting Democrat in the 2020 national election and that has come true considering the many radical extreme leftist liberal and progressive agendas that have already been put in place.

That letter was followed by the many Democrat plans years ahead of time to steal the 2020 election, then a letter that this same party can do anything without accountability, and the most recent one was about this party having one standard of justice (virtually non-existent), while Republicans have a completely different one.

What it comes down to is that we are no longer a democratic republic.  We are like a third world country and I repeat, potentially on the way to a one party government in control of all three branches of our government as is the case currently.

A major factor to consider is the total lack of integrity in our elections.  I've seen multiple sources that clearly show voter fraud.  Speaking of inequality of justice, courts completely turned their backs on constitutionally filed lawsuits.  Votes last two elections in favor of the Democrat Party had no legal limits.  Voters could do anything. The courts could care less.

Our Supreme Court was anything but supreme.  It turned its back and ran for the hills to avoid investigation as they turned up their nose at Trump, and clearly supported Democrats.  Think about it readers!  If the highest court in the land won't protect our constitution as per elections, where do we go from here?

We can hope SCOTUS eventually gets involved, but there's no guarantee.  Even if they do, and find massive fraud, my opinion is they won't have the spine to do anything about it.  

What about the current invasion at our borders with millions coming illegally at the invitation of our very own President Biden who will, with just the stroke of a pen probably, give illegals amnesty, then citizenship, then the right to vote.  As sad as it may be, foreigners may have a lot to do with Democrats forever controlling this country.

Lester Knoll