Letter to editor: Is America in free fall?

Letter to editor: Lester Knoll, Victoria

Political pundits and Republican leaders talk incessantly about how the pendulum will swing in the next two elections as the Republican Party retakes congress and the presidency.  I beg to differ.  We are not in a time of politics as usual.

In a recent letter to the editor I made my case that we could be on our way to being a third world country with a one political party government.  Yes, a Democrat Party socialistic government.  My contention was this party will have complete control of this country with 1) stolen elections, 2) a hapless Supreme Court, and 3) open borders and illegals choosing who runs the U.S. 

With nothing stopping them, Dems clearly showed their hand they are all about stealing elections by an "in your face"  HR 1.  That bill, passed in the House recently, would allow voter fraud to occur ten times more then during the last elections.  It clearly destroys any semblance of integrity when voting. 

Truth be known, I hope and pray I am wrong and the pendulum does swing back to conservative government.  But, if HR 1 passes in the Senate, there's no hope for Republicans to win anymore elections.  We can kiss our democratic republic goodbye and our constitution to go along with it.  

Yes, Dems will soon attempt to change our sacred document, maybe even eliminate it.  Eliminating the constitutional electoral college and going to a popular vote would give sole responsibility for election results to a handful of large liberal Democrat voting cities. Adding two more entities as states, namely D.C. and Puerto Rico, would help win elections for Dems as well. 

The plans to take over America appear to have no end and why I write this second letter. 

We do not have a free press.  Media and the Democrat Party are connected at the hip. The two together control the narrative and therefore control what more than half the country thinks.  Our 2020 presidential election was a vote in large part based on emotion and not facts, nor based on party platforms or agendas. It was all about hating Trump thus voting for Biden. 

Besides Big Tech Media doing its propagandizing, something else is taking place to prove we are on a path to totalitarianism.  Many forces are aligned with the Democrat Party to silence conservatives through censoring and eliminating free speech, and readers need to be know this is not conspiracy talk.  It's all about a complete transformation of our culture and everybody's way of thinking.  

Details of this takeover as per the last paragraph should shock every patriotic American to the core, but best be left for some other writing.  My entire writing should be a wake up call because its all insanity!

As a conservative Republican I'm not jumping ship.  As a Christian, I will pray for miracles to bring us back to what made us the best country in the world in the first place.  It's all on the line.