Letter to the editor: Gender dysphoria

Letter to the editor: Jim Horacek, Hays

Regarding the Hays Daily News editorial l last Sunday, March 21: I have a different take on the issue of gender dysphoria.

The State legislation is intended to address the inherent unfairness of allowing biological boys to compete with biological girls. The advantage is well know and well accepted. The World Olympics has separate men’s and women’s events specifically because of this difference. They even test the athletes for performance enhancing drugs including testosterone in an attempt to keep the games fair. The legislation does not prevent transgender boys, (who identify as girls) from competing in boys athletics. For that same reason it’s not discriminatory. It’s not about bathrooms, it’s not about bullies, and it’s not harassment. It’s about fairness. Girls are being hurt by allowing transgender boys to compete with them. Some girls will lose scholarships, lose places on teams, will not receive recognition for winning track meets etc. because their competition is unfair.

The legislation doesn’t need to address transgender girls (who identify as boys) because they can’t compete with their male counterparts for the same reason noted above. Another issue raised in the article is the issue of people who are nonbinary. That is, people who don’t identify with either gender. Well, it seems then they could not enter either men’s or women’s events by definition. Finally, all of these people are born either men or women and they have the corresponding DNA which directs the development of their bodies. That’s scientific fact. At some point in the child’s development their mind becomes self aware and eventually they identify as a male or female. This is usually based upon their own gender. Their gender is a physical thing their self identity is a mental thing. Let everyone play, but let’s be fair.

Jim Horacek