Re: Lester Knoll's long letter

Letter to the editor: Bob Hooper, Bogue

About Lester Knoll's long letter to the editor, March 25.

    Lester' ism summarized: “'... dem damn demonic Dems must be demolished so that God-All-right-eous Reps can rule relentlessly without remorse or retribution. Otherwise, stuff like election fraud to deflate Trump's plump rump never stops.   Evidence claimed is better than evidence produced. (Who needs that?)  One party rule is fine --- IF it's Reps.”

    Well, we shouldn't pester Lester. It just makes him fester.  Rumor persists that humor torments Lester's political tumor So his rep'etitive holy moans and groans could remain endless.

    Let us pray: May brevity not inspire levity. Amen.

Bob Hooper