Letter: Forever grateful for Dr. Steve Mosier

Hays Daily News

Anyone out there love your pets? If you love a dog, cat, horse, cow, pig or any animal, you truly understand the joy these animals can bring to our lives. You have them for years and they become just as important as one of your children and many people consider them one of their children. I know we did. Time passes and you take care of them and try your best to keep them strong and healthy but along the way, just like us humans, they need some sort of a tune up or even emergency care. So now you ask yourself who do I entrust this bundle of fur to, for care and ultimately, their life? It’s a hard decision for most. Unless you live in Hays, Kansas. Hays has been blessed with Dr. Steve Mosier, the most caring, knowledgeable, talented, and loving DVM to ever put an animal practice sign on their office.

Whether it be an after hours emergency call, taking a sick little critter home, a farm visit on a holiday weekend, or just an average checkup, he has dedicated his life to putting our animal’s minds, and our hearts and minds at ease. His service to our community and others for over 50 years has been second to none. Are we spoiled? Yes! We are! You cannot just replace a man with his character, work ethic, and experience. It’s not possible. Will those who are with him in his life’s work try, you bet they will! Why? Because they worked along side the BEST!

This man has made house calls to our home and has been on our front porch sending one of our beloved dachshunds, Duffy, over the rainbow bridge, with the same tears running down his face as our own tears streamed. Or, on the back deck porch swing, doing the same thing one year later for Dazy. Or in his exam room on an early evening April 8, 2019, as we sent out last baby, Sophie, over the rainbow bridge. The compassion in his heart for animals, but also us humans who hurt as much as we do when we lose one of our parents, siblings, or friends, is beyond words. As a community we just have no idea how special he has been to countless families for so long.

All of the hours spent, away from his family on weekends, holidays, and anytime duty called, just so we could be put at ease and spend more time with our own.

Dr. Mosier is retiring this June and on behalf of my family and many, many others, we all would just like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to you, Linda, Kayleen, and all of the wonderful staff at Hays Veterinary Hospital. Thank you from the bottom of our fur babies hearts and our hearts.

Forever grateful,

Loren Boos