Letter: Immigration good problem to have

Hays Daily News

People will leave their homes and travel to the U.S. as long as they are faced with poverty, violence and corruption at home and they have the hope that they can join the American way of life. The Republican Party tells us a wall on our southern border would solve the problem but the Biden Administration stopped construction of The Wall because Mexico did not pay for it, as was repeatedly promised.

I am old enough to remember when East Germany had a wall but it was to keep East German citizens from leaving. Those people climbed over, tunneled under that wall to get away from an authoritarian government that had little regard for it’s own citizens. Currently, we have the opposite situation of East Germany, the United States is a country where oppressed people want to live, so the immigration “problem” is a good problem to have. When immigrants stop trying to come here that will be a sign our country has gone downhill.

There will always be immigrants/refugees, so long as the prospect of life in America is better than life in the home countries. They will keep coming. We need a serious, long-term, practical, humanitarian method to deal with refugees/immigrants, as opposed to the long-term whining we get from Republicans, who seem to believe all problems began on Inauguration Day 2021.

AB Campbell