Letter to the editor: An appeal to Republicans

Staff Writer
Topeka Capital-Journal

And the winner is ... not Kansas, for sure

All of the Republican senatorial candidates and most of the congressional candidates seem to be screaming, “I love Trump the best.” They criticize each other for not toeing the line with the Trump agenda.

Heck, one candidate put himself and members of his family on a drug hawked by the president as a coronavirus preventative. This is just one woman’s opinion, but I find these guys to be pretty scary.

Supporting Trump is supporting racism. Supporting Trump is supporting Putin. Supporting Trump means never disagreeing with Trump. I mean, like, never ever.

What’s going to happen when that day comes where Kansas Republican Sycophant finds himself disagreeing with Trump? Maybe it’s on a policy matter that hurts Kansas. They surely know by now what can happen when Republicans disagree with Trump.

So, what’s the point of electing any of these men to represent their state or district in Washington? If it’s Kansas or Trump, Kansas will come in second. Even before then, how are the Republican nominees going to appeal to independents and maybe even some Democrats in the general election?

Being squarely in the hands of the most corrupt and incompetent president in our history probably won’t sell well with a lot of us. Watching them squirm might be funny if it weren’t so serious to our country’s very survival.

Come on, fellow Kansans, we are better than that.

Terry Larson, Topeka