Letter to the editor: Marshall is choice over Bollier

Staff Writer
Topeka Capital-Journal

Voters in Kansas have long been known as independent, intelligent and sensible when it comes to electing United States senators. But this year we see millions of dollars pouring in from places like California and New York with the goal of tricking Kansans into electing anti-gun extremist Barbara Bollier. This money is pushing an absolute lie that Bollier is a middle-of-the-road independent. But, her votes and actions tell a different story.

Barbara Bollier was recently caught supporting a foreign draconian gun ban and confiscation program. She said, “It’s this amazing thing.” That’s not surprising. I served with Barbara in the Kansas Legislature and her voting record shows this was no passive comment. She has always focused on gun control and will continue to if she is elected to the U.S. Senate. In Topeka, she pushed for radical confiscation laws that seize firearms without constitutional due process. There is nothing moderate about that.

Her record has earned the support of billionaire gun ban advocate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose group called her the gun control champion that Kansas deserves. Kansans deserve better. Kansans deserves a U.S. senator who will protect and defend our right to self-defense, not destroy it. We deserve someone who will confirm Supreme Court Justices who won’t twist the 2nd Amendment into allowing an Australian-style gun ban. This November, defending freedom means rejecting Barbara Bollier and electing Roger Marshall.

Travis Couture-Lovelady (former member of the Kansas House of Representatives and NRA Kansas state director), Hays