MIAA shares new five-year strategic plan

MIAA press release

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The MIAA has released its new five-year strategic plan that will serve as a roadmap of future success for the Association. The strategic plan is titled Advancing Our “A” Game, And Caring For Each Other and is centered around six emphasis areas to achieve the mission and vision of the plan.

“This strategic plan positions the MIAA as a leader in NCAA Division II athletics and a place where student-athletes become champions,” stated MIAA Commissioner Mike Racy. “It emphasizes our core values of enriching the student-athletes in their athletic and academic skills, building character, and taking care of one another. I am proud that this strategic plan was built by the stakeholders in the Association, it truly shapes what the MIAA stands for as a higher education organization.”

Advancing Our "A" Game, And Caring For Each Other Strategic Plan | Executive Summary

The plan is dynamic and allows the conference to be responsive to the ever-changing landscape of intercollegiate athletics and higher education with a focus on caring for the needs of the student-athletes, coaches, and administrators in the conference. It revolves around the Association’s already established WE CARE initiative which set-up the six emphasis areas. In addition to the six areas, each area has its own goals to drive implementation and primary groups to oversee the advancement of the goals.

Stakeholders in creating the MIAA’s Advancing Our "A" Game, And Caring For Each Other plan were student-athletes, coaches, administrators, and the conference office staff. During a planning session with Strategic Edge Athletic Consulting in February, the stakeholders laid the foundation of what the plan would consist of and created ideas for the six emphasis areas.

"It was truly an honor to work with the MIAA membership and the MIAA conference office staff on the development of their new strategic plan -- "Advancing Our "A" Game And Caring For One Another,” said Nancy Mitchell, President/CEO of Strategic Edge Athletic Consulting.

“The passion and commitment that everyone brought to developing a dynamic new strategic plan that is owned by its stakeholders and that can respond to the challenges and changing circumstances of higher education and intercollegiate athletics was evident from day one."

Strategic Edge Athletic Consulting assisted the Association with developing and designing the new strategic plan. Along with Nancy Mitchell, Kathy Turpin of K. Turpin Consulting, LLC, and Gary Brown of Gary Brown Communications Consulting, LLC are credited with the development and design work of the plan.