HHS girls tennis takes fourth at Cimarron Invitational

Hays Daily News
The Hays High girls tennis team took fourth at the Cimarron on Thursday.

CIMARRON — In the first event of the fall season for Hays High sports, the HHS girls tennis team placed fourth in the Cimarron Invitational on Thursday.

Jamie Haddaway took second place at No. 2 singles. Kayler Wellbrock and Danica Scheve took second at No. 2 doubles.

Mylah Potter and Britnee Leiker were fifth at No. 1 doubles. No. 1 singles player Alexis White was sixth.

Haddaway won her first two matches against players from Ulysses and St. John, 6-0 and 6-2, before falling in No. 2 singles final, 6-1, to a player from Scott City.

After receiving a bye, Wellbrock and Scheve won their first match against Cimarron, 6-3. They then lost a close match to Tribune, 5-6 (4-7).

The Hays High Invitational is set for Thursday.

Cimarron Invitational

Team results

1. Scott City 24; 2. Tribune 23; 3. Cimarron 18; 4. Hays 17; 5. Ulysses 9; 6. S. Central 8; 7. St. John 4.

No. 1 singles

1. Nolan, Tribune; 2. Westergard, Scott City; 3. Osborn, Cimarron.

No. 2 singles

1. Mur, Scott City; 2. Haddaway, Hays; 3. Guesson, Tribune.

No. 1 doubles

1. Acton/Jantz, Cimarron; 2. Gutierrez/Myers, Scott City; 3. El. Goetz/ Em. Goetz, Cimarron.

No. 2 doubles

1. Walk/Schmidt, Tribune; 2. Scheve/Wellbrock, Hays; 3. Stoppel/Burnett, Scott City.

Hays High results

No. 1 singles

Dale, South Central, def. White, Hays, 6-3; Osborn, Cimarron, def. White, Hays, 6-4; Terrazas, Ulysses, def. White, Hays, 6-2.

No. 2 singles

Haddaway, Hays, def. Cortez, Ulysses, 6-0; Haddaway, Hays, def. Mur, St. John, 6-2; Doggett, Scott City, def. Haddaway, 6-1.

No. 1 doubles

Acton/Jantz, St. John, def. Potter/Leiker, Hays, 6-0; Potter/Leiker, Hays, def. Ewalt/Findley, Ulysses, 6-5 (7-5); El. Goetz/Em. Goetz, Cimarron, def. Potter/Leiker, 6-5 (11-9).

No. 2 doubles

Sheve/Welbrock, Hays, def. Carter/Kugler, Cimarron, 6-3; Knobbe/Lehman, Tribune, def. Scheve/Wellbrock, Hays, 6-5 (7-4).