11th Annual Tiger Auction raises nearly $200,000 for Tiger Athletics

FHSU Sports Information

Despite the transition to a virtual method, this year's 11th annual Tiger Auction generated $194,310.56. More than four hundred individuals registered to bid on one of the 289 online auction items. The 409 bidders included Tiger supporters from 13 states - Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas.

"We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of the Tiger fans for their incredible generosity during these challenging times," said Director of Athletics Curtis Hammeke.

Tiger Nation showed up in full force to support Auction Item #40, an annual donation initiative with funds directed toward specific needs or improvements for the department of athletics. This year the money given to Item #40 will go directly to support the operational funds of the department due to the loss/reduction of typical revenue streams. The Tiger faithful contributed an incredible $150,772.12 to Item #40.

Donations for Item #40 are accepted throughout the year. They are 100% tax deductible and can be paid in installments through the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021. Individuals or businesses interested in donating can contact the athletics office at (785) 628-4050 to set up a gift.

"Although the online route wasn't the way we planned to conduct the auction this year, it was a great learning experience and was a great way to get Tiger fans from all over the country involved," said assistant athletic director Matt Cook. "Moving forward, don't be surprised if there continues to be an online element to the Tiger Auction and Dinner in addition to the live event, which we hope to hold back inside the Schmidt-Bickle Indoor Training Facility next August. Overall, we are very pleased with the results this year and we can't thank Tiger Nation enough."

The auction committee and athletic department look forward to hosting the 12th annual Tiger Auction and Dinner and welcoming all of Tiger nation to campus in late August 2021. Official date and time along with more information will be released in the coming months.

Contributors of $50 or more to Item #40 as of September 18 include...

Anonymous- $10,000

Patty Baconrind- $10,000

Don and Chris Bickle- $10,000

John T. Bird- $10,000

Jim and Corrine Clark- $10,000

Verlin and Elaine Pfannenstiel- $10,000

Lon and Janyth Pishny- $10,000

Brenda Reeve- $10,000

Ed and Donna Stehno- $10,000

W.R. Robbins- $7,000

Wilmer and Lorena Kellogg- $5,000

Curtis and Renee Longpine- $2,500

Tisa and Bill Mason- $2,500

Denis and Sue Miller- $2,500

Patty Stull and Rich Sieker- $2,500

Michael and Ione Slattery- $2,000

Steve and Marilyn Wood- $2,000

Terra Eck- $1,500

Jim and Hannah Barrett- $1,100

Mike and Debbie Barnett- $1,000

Gary and Sheryl Blair- $1,000

Brad Brown- $1,000

Kent Colwell- $1,000

Dave and Tasha Fate- $1,000

Larry and Judy Getty- $1,000

Luke Haines- $1,000

Curtis and Annette Hammeke- $1,000

Dave and Karen Hendrickson- $1,000

James Kuehl- $1,000

Kathy and Larry Wallert- $1,000

Rich and Marilyn Ziegler- $1,000

Paul-Wertenberger Construction- $1,000

Larry and Sandy Daugherty- $800

Ed and Mary Hammond- $523.56

Jeff and Joleen Briggs- $500

Becky Claycamp- $500

Jerol and Denise DeBoer- $500

Rick and Stephanie Dechant- $500

Craig and Kris Dewell- $500

Lynn Fisher- $500

Jim and Wanda Fouts- $500

Deb Fox- $500

Charles and Shirley Griffith- $500

Brad and Trisha Haynes- $500

Mark and Eva Junk- $500

Bob McAnany- $500

Kathryn Mitchell- $500

Brian and Kara Moore- $500

Shawna Nehls- $500

Terry Siek- $500

Sam Leben- $400

Pishny Party 50/50- $350

Jon and Lynette Armstrong- $250

Ryan and Brenda Bickle- $250

Delores Borgstadter- $250

Doug and Merrie Boucher- $250

Chris and Daphne Brown- $250

Scott Darling- $250

Dustin and Jamie Dreher- $250

Cheryl Engelland- $250

David and Sandra Fuller- $250

Jeff Holgerson- $250

David Janner- $250

Dionandre and Melissa Josenberger- $250

Russ and Meagan McNiff- $250

James Ruda- $250

Jared and Beth Schiel- $250

Dan and Mary Kay Schippers- $250

Clay and Nancy Scott- $250

Lyle Staab- $250

Kathleen Taylor- $250

Jeffry Walker- $250

Riedel's Garden Center- $250

Jane Brady- $200

Doug and Karen Griffiths- $150

Curt Staab- $150

Kevin and Marisa Struckhoff- $150

Charles and Gay Walker- $150

Dick Palmer- $125

Keith and Donna Bieker- $100

Greg and Mary Campbell- $100

Grady and Melissa Dixon- $100

Larry Dreiling- $100

Cindy Elliott- $100

Jonathan Graupmann- $100

Stan and Neva Griffin- $100

Lance and Brenda Hoopingarner- $100

Michael and Kathleen Laubhan- $100

Diane Montano- $100

Brad Rumble- $100

Richard Schoenfeld- $100

Tim and Ruth Schumacher- $100

John and Judy Sjoholm- $100

Jake Stenzel- $100

Sean and Stephanie Walsh- $100

Larry Furthmyer- $75

Megan Purinton- $75

Gerhard Albrecht- $50

Jeff and Hayley Bieker- $50

Christine Caldwell- $50

Jay and Tina Caldwell- $50

J. Alan Feist- $50

Marilyn Goodheart- $50

David and Patricia Kaus- $50

Robert and Claudette Kraus- $50

Robert and Jan Morgenstern- $50

Patty Nicholas- $50

Carmella Thyfault- $50

State Glass Co.- $50