MIAA prepares return to competition document

MIAA press release

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The MIAA COVID-19 Task Force has prepared a Return To Competition Game Plan. The document provides recommendations and requirements for member schools to implement as the Association prepares for the return of competition this fall and winter on MIAA Campuses.

The Task Force developed the Return To Competition Game Plan through the MIAA’s partnership with the U.S. Council For Athletes Health and other higher education association resources along with a collection of best practices and suggestions from local and state agencies.

A few highlights include COVID-19 screening and testing protocols for practices and competitions. It also covers general guidelines and recommendations for facilities, fans, teams, media, student-athletes, coaches, officials, and game day staff.

The Return To Competition Game Plan document was made available to member institutions last week, and it will continue to be monitored by the Task Force and Conference Office Staff. Changes and updates to the document will be edited as necessary per medical and scientific advancements.