TMP’s Harris, Wentling earn first-team All-MCL honors

Rick Peterson Jr.
TMP's Kade Harris was a first-team pick as a defensive back on the All-Mid Continent League football team.

Thomas More Prep-Marian’s Kade Harris and Jace Wentling earned first-team honors on the All-Mid Continent League football team.

Harris was a first-team pick at defensive back while Wentling made the first team as a kicker.

Harris also earned second-team honors as a returner and honorable mention as a quarterback while Wentling was second team as a receiver and honorable mention as a defensive back and punter.

Harris, a sophomore, led the Monarchs with 98 tackles. He threw for 1,212 yards and 16 touchdowns and rushed for 865 yards and nine scores.

Wentling caught 21 passes for 433 yards with seven touchdowns. He logged 54 tackles.

Second-team honors for TMP went to Bryce Seib at running back and linebacker, Michael Hale as a defensive tackle and Jacob Sack at offensive guard. Hale was honorable mention at center. Lance Lang was honorable mention at running back and defensive back, and Kolton Hagans was honorable mention at offensive tackle.

All-MCL 11-man football team

First team

QB — Ty Sides, sr., Phillipsburg. RB — Abell, sr. Oakley; Gavin Sproul, sr., Oakley; Jake Sasse so., Smith Center. OT —Christien Hawks, sr., Norton; Johnathan Temaat, sr., Oakley. OG — Dakota Yost, jr., Plainville; Jenson Schoenfeld, sr., Oakley. C — Colton Harespane, jr., Smith Center. TE — Colton Bockwinkel, jr., Oakley. WR — Ben Hansen, jr., Plainville; Kagan Keeten, sr., Phillipsburg; Griffin Kugler, sr.,Smith Center. DT — Christien Hawks, sr., Norton; Jonah Smith, sr., Plainville; Jenson Schoenfeld, sr., Oakley. DE — Gavin Sproul, sr., Norton; Chuck Timmons, sr., Smith Center. LB — Jonathan Temaat, jr., Oakley; Christien Koch, jr., Oakley; Jake Sasse, so., Smith Center; Ben Hansen, jr., Plainville. DB — Eric Cain, sr., Oakley; Griffin Kugler, sr., Smith Center; Kade Harris, so., TMP; Jonah Ruder, sr., Plainville. K — Jace Wentling, jr., TMP. Returner: Griffin Kugler, sr., Smith Center. Punter — Braydon Gibson, sr., Russell.

Second team

QB — Jonah Ruder, sr., Norton. RB — Hunter Scheck, sr., Oakley; Kyle Werner, so., Plainville; Bryce Seib, jr., TMP. OT — Chuck Timmons, sr., Smith Center; Peyton Rathbun, sr., Plainville. OG — Devan Mullins, jr., Norton; Jacob Sack, sr., TMP. C — John Stoecker, sr., Oakley. TE — Drake Harding, jr., Norton. WR — Ryan Schrum, sr., Norton; Jace Wentling, jr., TMP; Cody Zimmerman, sr., Oakley. DT — Aiden Wecker, sr., Norton; Hunter Scheck, sr., Oakley; Michael Hale, so., TMP. DE — Peyton Rathbun, sr., Plainville; Josiah Annis, so., Oakley. LB — Sean Anderson, so., Norton; Clint Gower, sr., Phillipsburg; Bryce Seib, jr., TMP; Kyle Werner, so., Plainville. DB — Cody Zimmerman, sr., Oakley; Joel Ford., jr., Phillipsburg; Anders Dewey, jr., Plainville; Bentley Montgomery, so., Smith Center. K — Silas Jones, Norton. Returner: Kade Harris, so., TMP. P — Jonah Ruder, sr., Norton.

Honorable mention

QB — Kade Harris, so., TMP. RB — Lance Lang, jr., TMP; Nate Hendrich, sr., Smith Center; Mason Gottschalk, jr.,. Ellis. OT — Brock Buresh, jr., Phillipsburg; Draxtin Hovis, jr., Plainville; Kolton Hagans, fr., TMP; Nate Johnson, jr., Ellis. OG — Cauy Haresnape, so., Smith Center; Jonah Smith, sr., Plainville; Colten Lewis, sr., Ellis. C — Aiden Wicker, sr., Norton; Michael Hale, so., TMP. WR — Will Schmidt, so., Oakley; Sam Honas, jr., Ellis; Parker Krob, sr., Plainville. DT — Dakota Yost, jr., Plainville; Brock Buresh, jr., Phillipsburg; Nathan Hrabe, sr., Smith Center. DE — Chase Maxwell, sr., Smith Center; Toby Woodworth, sr., Ellis. LB — Mason Gottschalk, jr., Ellis; Jacob Kirchhoff, jr., Smith Center; Silas Jones, so., Norton; Jesse Whitmer, jr., Russell. DB — Zach Schiel, sr., Ellis; Jace Wentling, jr., TMP; Lance Lang, jr., TMP; Ty Sides, sr., Phillipsburg; Brayden Gibson, sr., Russell; Will Schmidt, jr., Oakley. Returner: Jackson Pfiefer, jr., Oakley; Jace Wentling, jr., TMP.

All MCL 8-Man football team


First team

Harlan Obioha, sr. Hoxie; Ashton Dowell, jr., Hoxie; Conner Dinkel, so., Hill City; Aidan Baalman, sr., Hoxie.

Second team

Rylan Basart, jr., Stockton; Cade Gourley, jr., Hoxie; Jayce Hamel, sr., Hill City; Leighton Colburn, sr., Stockton.


First team

Harlan Obioha, sr., Hoxie; Rylan Basart, jr., Stockton; Brody McDowell, sr., Hill City; Derek Johnson, so., Hoxie.

Second team

Conner Dinkel, so., Hill City; Caden White, sr., Hoxie; Donovan Balluch, jr., Hoxie; Cody Presley, jr., Hill City.


First team

James Kriegh, so., Trego; Rylan Basart, jr., Stockton.

2nd Team

Aiden Amrein, fr., Hill City; Cade Gourley, jr., Hoxie.